Libya, Libya, Numero 1 In Middle East

Mitt Romney is on a crusade to restore the honor of America and make certain someone is held accountable for the deaths of FOUR Americans in Libya. This tragic even must rank as among the greatest tragedies in US history and it is time for the president to face up to what happened. I am shocked the president is now aware as to what is daily going on in the 250 embassies around the world. It is too bad we don’t have a  president like St. Ronald Reagan who stood up to terrorists.

In the 1980s President Reagan sent a Marine force to Lebanon. Suicide bombers hit Marine barracks and killed 250. Tough man Ronald Reagan then withdrew the remaining Marines. This is the type of Republican president Mitt wants to model.  OK, so 5,000 Americans died in Iraq, what does that have to do with President Bush? Just remember, that Mitt Romney who avoided military service during the Vietnam war wants to draw a red line in the sand to the Iranians.

I am all for red lines on condition the Romney boys serve in the US military.