Libya Muslim Clerics Vs Libya

Libya has ousted a thug dictator and now comes the next step in this nation’s history-forward with democracy or backward to the middle ages and clerical rule. The recent revolution left the nation with  thousands of men in possession of weapons, ones that were used to defeat Gaddafi, but now exist to enforce a particular view of government. Militias abound in contemproary Libya.

The Transitional Government has appointed Rahim al-Keeb as the new prime minister and he is charged with regaining control of weapons from militia groups. Unfortunately, there are dozens of cliques, clans, religious, secular and whatever groups and each seeks to use their weapons to  gain power in  Libya. Islamists and secular forces who cooperated for victory over Gaddafi now stand gazing at one another as to who runs the show of government.

Who knows what tomorrow brings?