Libya Redeux

We all recall the heady days when Muammar Gaddafi was captured and killed. We all recall the heady days when young people in Libya held aloft guns of victory. We all recall the heady days when NATO and American leaders smiled knowing they had helped overthrow a dictator without getting bogged down in crazy wars such as Iraq or Afghanistan. We all recall the heady days of belief bad guys could be taken out without long term wars.

Alas, that was then, and now is now. Militia groups wander around Libya fighting with one another and seeking power and wealth. Secular Libyans now realize their new threat is religious fanatics who simply want to replace the Gaddafi dictatorship with a religious one. Some supporters of Gaddafi fled to Mali where they have taken over part of the country and created war between religiouis and secular forces.

So, what does this all mean? I really do not have a clue. Fundamentalist religious fanatics are in the Middle East, in the Middle West and the wars of the  Middle Age are with us in 2012. Perhaps, it is time to try another planet.