Libya Redeux

The campaign to drive Muammar Gaddafi from power required attacks on his military forces as well as destroying military facilities. NATO forces carried out 9,600 strikes upon 5,900 targets which eventually allowed rebel forces to defeat the Gaddafi army. These bombings were made against many urban targets which raised the likelihood that innocent civilians might die. The Human Rights Watch estimates at least 72 innocent people died. There are now demands from Libyans for punishment of NATO pilots who carried out these raids.

War is hell. Carrying out 9,600 missions which result in 72 civilian deaths is a miracle, not a sign of savage behavior. Gaddafi placed many of his military facilities within urban areas which made it impossible to wipe them out without some deaths to civilians. Gaddafi is gone. Libya is in chaos as the victors fight over spoils of war. The only criminals from the rebellion are among those who now run the nation–for their own benefit and power!