Libya Then, Libya Now

I confess to be among those who urged NATO and US intervention in Gaddfi Libya in order to prevent the murder of innocent  people. I also must confess while urging intervention, a section of my brain wondered what would happen once Gaddafi was over thrown. Now, we know. Chaos now rules Libya. Tribes and sects and religious folk have grabbed weapons from the Gaddfi arms depots and now vie to see which group can take over the country.

In reality there is no government of Libya. One militia group takes over Benghazi or Misrata or even Tripoli while another attempts to displace it. Thousands of former Gaddfi troops escaped to Mali where they have caused a civil war and now even conflict among more secular Muslims versus more religious Muslims. There is no prospect for any peace and war has become the norm for Libya.

Now, as for Egypt……..