Libyan Leader Complains About Thailand Anti-Muslim Actions

Saif al-Islam, son of Libyan leader, Moammar Gadhafi, was among those who trained Muslim insurgents in the 1970s to engage in war in order to gain independence from the Buddhist Thailand government. On a recent trip to Thailand, he expressed his concerns about the government of Thailand’s policies in southern regions of their nation which contain a large number of Muslims. It is the only area of the Buddhist Thailand in which Muslims are a significant proportion of the population, constituting 80% of all people. Gadhafi’s son said he was visiting areas in Asia where there are Muslim insurgent groups in order to assist efforts to reach peaceful solutions to their grievances. His next stop is a visit to the Philippines where he will meet with the Muslim separatist group, the Moro islamic Liberation Front.

The visit of Saif al-Islam can be a productive one if it results in halting funding of Muslim terrorist groups or getting them to sit down and negotiate instead of using violence to achieve aims. At worse, it indicates Libya no longer is formenting violence in Asia by supplying these groups with military weapons.