Libyan Women, Then And Now

An important facet of the revolution in Libya which swept Muammar Gaddafi from power was the role played by women.  They secured ammunition, and delivered it to those fighting, they tended the wounded, and even played a role in identifying targets for NATO air strikes, but, of course, that was then and now is now. An important issue confronting Libya in the fall of 2011 is whether or not women have earned the right to full status as citizens in the new society to be created.

As women in Libya gaze eastward they realize how Egyptian women played an important role in over throwing President Mubarak, but today they are less and less involved in the political process. Both in Egypt and Libya there has been the emergence of an Islamic party which seeks to restore religion to its former power. Both Mubarak and Gaddafi were not religious fanatics and allowed women greater freedom than what females enjoy in nations like Saudi Arabia. If they are gone from power, does this mean so are women gone from being equal participants in creating new societies based on equality of sexes?