Libyans Welcome Air Strikes

A few days ago the Arab League urged western nations to establish a no-fly area over Libya in order to save people in eastern areas of Libya from being slaughtered. Not only was a no-fly established, but French and American planes blasted the Gaddafi army which was endeavoring to take over Benghazi. For some reason, the Arab League issued a statement condemning attacks on Gaddafi tanks and artillery. Yunnis Salem , who lives in Benghazi observed tanks wrecked by the French air assault and told a correspondent: “If the French had not struck, we would be suffering now. They came in time.” Ameer Mari put it this way: “Today, we are feeling high. Yes, we have a victory.” Unlike the Arab League, Libyans who rebelled against the dictatorship of Gaddafi understand a no-fly policy that is not backed by attacks on planes, tanks and artillery condemns the people of Libya to the genocidal policies of Muammar Gaddafi.

As one resident of Benghazi put it: “We thought the power of oil was more important than the power of blood. But, now we know.” Unfortunately, the Arab League is more concerned about ending dictatorships by use of force because too many leaders of Arab nations ARE dictators!