Lieberman Belongs In Asylum With Lunatics

Each passing day reveals more information about the plan of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to create chaos in the Middle East in order to justify oppressing Palestinians. After blasting Palestinian Authority President Abbas for working with Hamas, the Israel leader worked out a deal with Hamas. The plan is obvious, build up the power of Hamas, allow it to defeat Abbas and Fatah and then plead to the world that how can Israel negotiate with terrorists?

Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman even went further in the plan to destroy Abbas. “If there is one obstacle that should be removed immediately it is (Abbas).” An invitation for some nut to kill Abbas. Netanyahu and his thug Foreign Minister only desire to create chaos and violence in the Middle East in order to justify refusing to negotiate with Palestinians.

Unfortunately, in America we have people like Senator Joe Lieberman, a blood brother of Avigdor, who moans and groans about how brave Israel is being oppressed by Palestinians. Peace is threatened by a two nation Lieberman connection!