Lieberman Mouse Squeaks Hate

The Jewish people have survived for thousands of years during which time they have endured unspeakable prejudice and hatred. Of course, during that time period it was common for Jews to take a stand in favor of human rights–for all people. There is a mouse who holds the position of Foreign Minister in the Israel Cabinet who constantly squeaks nonsense and hatred. He told fellow Israel diplomats the Turkish government was speaking lies about their nation, and went on to make clear he opposed any peace negotiations with the “illegitimate” Palestinian Authority. In the Avigdor Lieberman view of life, Palestinians accept his ideas because he alone squeaks the truth. Israel Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, quickly attempted to calm Turkish officials for once again being insulted by the man who, in theory, is a “diplomat.” Barak urged Turkey to work with Israel in order to restore their once friendly relations.

Turkey rushed assistance to Israel during their recent forest fire. A “diplomat” would have acknowledged the help and attempted to work for peace with those who aided his nation. But, Avigdor Lieberman is nothing but a small time bully who has no conception of foreign policy other than insulting other nations.

It is difficult to believe that after five thousand years of Judaism, the end result is a travesty for a human being known as Avigdor Lieberman. He is living proof there is no such thing as evolution of humanity.