Lies Gordon Brown Has Told Us!

For the past week, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has insisted there is no connection between release of the Lockerbie bomber and financial discussions between his nation and Libya. According to Brown the only consideration was humane, allowing an ill man to die at home. For some reason, Gordon Brown forgot to inform members of his Cabinet about the party line of compassion. Justice Secretary Jack Straw told the Daily Telegraph, that trade and an oil exploration deal between BP and Libya were factors in deciding whether to make Abdelbaset al Megrahi eligible for transfer to a prison back home.

Asked if trade was a factor in the release, Straw responded without any pretense of spouting the nonsense coming from the prime minister: “Yes, a very big part of that. I’m unapologetic about that… Libya was a rogue state . We wanted to bring it back into the fold. And yes, that included trade because trade is an essential part of it and subsequently there was the BP deal.”

The truth is refreshing when finally heard. Now, Gordon, what do you intend to say tomorrow about the compassion aspect of the deal?