Life And Death In Saudi Arabia

Let me get this straight, Saudi Arabia is one of the “good Muslim nations” since it does not support “terrorism.” Of course, when the word, “terrorism” is employed it means someone who does not like Americans. Fayan al-Ghamdi would not be classified as a “terrorist.” He is a self styles cleric who preaches on TV the gospel of being a moral person and avoiding engaging in behavior that is not in accord with the Muslim religion. The cleric was divorced by his Egyptian born wife, Sayeda, who gained custody of their children. She allowed her five year old daughter, Lama to visit dad. A few days later Lama was taken to the hospital with a broken back, crushed skull and had been raped.

Oh, they did arrest Fayan al-Ghamdi and he will appear in court next month. If the trial goes as expected, dad will receive a short jail sentence, he will pay mom, “blood money” of about $40,000 and he will head back home. After all, he is a MAN, he is a FATHER, and according to democratic Saudi Arabian law, he really is not a “terrorist” but a dad who sort of went a bit too far. There is no law in Saudi Arabia against domestic violence of child abuse.

Saudi Arabia is one of the “good” Muslim nations. Of course, terrorism is legal in Saudi Arabia provided it is against children.