We offer a collection of life decisions we daily make.

1. Stay on the highway or take the exit and miss the possible gridlock up ahead.

2. Go on the date with the person met at a bar, or say you have a headache.

3. Tell the boss to go fuck himself or keep the job and endure his incompetence.

4. Buy the lottery ticket or keep the buck for a coffee.

5. Stay tuned to the idiotic Republican debate and laugh or take an aspirin and go to bed.

6. Go for a walk in St. Louis without a jacket or don’t trust St. Louis weather and wear one.

7. Put on your right shoe first or your left one first.

8. Pray to God for help or tell Him to help someone else.

9. Go for “c” on the multiple choice test or gamble on “b”  when you have no idea which is the right answer.

10. Walk up to this beautiful girl in the bar and say she is the most gorgeous woman you ever saw or risk a slap in the face.

11. Loan money to a friend who is notorious for gambling or say no.

12.  Vote for a Republican because of anger over Obama or trust the president will finally display some balls.