Life For Egyptian Intellectuals-A Puzzle?

These are not easy days for intellectuals in Egypt. One spent years opposing the regime of Hosni Mubarak and finally got him driven from power by a coalition of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood and secular forces with a slight bit of help from the military. Egyptian lawyer Amir Salim worked in the anti-Mubarak alliance, spent time in jail due to anger of military folk and wound up with Mubarak gone from power. Of course, the military which once supported Mubarak is now in an alliance with secular and moderate Islamist groups against the government of Mohamed Morse and his Muslim Brotherhood brothers. According to Salim, “the Muslim Brotherhood are a sickness and the police have to eradicate them.”

Welcome to the Egypt of General Abd-al-Fattah Sissi, guardian of democracy even if it results in killing 800 people. Let me get this straight:

1. Egyptian intellectuals wanted the end of military rule.

2. Egyptian intellectuals wanted the end of rule by the Muslim Brotherhood.

3. Egyptian intllectuals want the end of violence.

So, Egyptian intellectuals want violence against the Muslim Brotherhood which used violence to crush their opponents. Is everyone clear about the role of Egyptian intellectuals?