Life In A Republican Run America

If Barack Obama continues ignoring the job issue, it is likely that Republicans will once again get a shot at running government in America. We thought it might help to get a preview of an America under the control of a Republican party government.

Emergency wards will be available to anyone who can get there. If you can’t make it on your own, then it is not an emergency.

A flat tax rate of 10% for rich and poor alike.

An Individual Rights Amendment is passed. It allows any employer to hire or fire anyone he damn well desires to hire or fire.

Malpractice awards are topped at $10,000. Only dead people can collect them.

An end to college student grants. I worked my way through college without any government assistance and so can you.

Another 100,000 troops will be sent to Afghanistan. Deployment time in America will be cut back to three months.

PSTD will be declared a “coward’s disease” and not treated with federal funds. If you need counseling, see your local priest, minister or rabbi.

Unemployed people will be encouraged to write former president Barack Obama who caused the entire unemployment problem.

From now on, any candidate for president must provide a birth certificate signed by the delivering doctor and containing a notarized document.

All restrictions on visitors carrying guns into Congress are ended. If you don’t like what a Congressman is saying, let him have it.

Each state will be given the right to secede.

Kindergartens will be required to provide a course in self-defensive use of guns for children.

The Defense of Marriage Act provides that married men get preference in jobs over single women.