Life In Bozo America, 2011

These are not the best of times, these are not the worst of times, but these certainly are the weirdest of times. In state after state whether led by a liberal or a conservative governor, the solution to high deficits is to reduce the number of teachers of policemen or firemen. It is clear that in modern America, the source of our financial difficulties is the presence of high salaries for public employees. In state after state school aid is reduced compelling school districts to fire teachers or policement or firemen.

In not a single state, and certainly not in the federal government, is there a suggestion to compel the top 1% of wealthy people in this nation to be taxed and additional 5%. Oh, I forgot, if they paid an additional five percent, all incentive to work hard would end and they would leave their companies and go—- where? To Libya and employ their talents to boost the economy? We live in strange times in which school children are asked to sacrifice because asking Wall Street hedge workers would destroy the very financial basis of American society.

This must rank as the most anti-middle class, anti-poor people, anti-children generation in American history.

Oh, the ultimate weirdness is the support by the middle class to assist in destroying their lives. Now, that is weird!!