Life In Cairo

Each day we pick up a newspaper or view some videos or engage in discussions on the Internet about what is going on in Egypt. We see people getting beaten, we see people crying in pain, we see the heavy hand of police and the armed forces and those who are ready to die for Morsi. Cairo is a city of eighteen million humans who ordinarly go to a cafe or visit friends and relatives or attend a movie or visit their children’s school or attend a birthday party or even a wedding. But, Cairo these days is under a curfew. A New Zealand reporter asked people in the capital what they did during curfew time. One noted that he spent the night counting flowers on his wallpaper and discovered there were 865. Please note that number the next time you are wondering about how many flowers on your wallpaper. Many restaurants are forced to close which means no money, today. Some people have organized underground parties or entered cafes which ostensibly were closed to enjoy an evening of relaxation.

The world has gone insane one more time. Violence and anger and hate now assualt our eyes and ears. We possibly remember another time and place. Most probably that time and place was not that much different. The main difference was that someone else was being abused.