Life In Putin Land

President Vladimir Putin recently wrote an op-ed piece in which he attempted to explain to we backward Americans how to create a society that is based on law, order and the Putin style of government. Pussy Riot member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova wrote a blistering letter from the prison in which she now resides for the horrid crime of singing a song in the wrong place. For this “crime,” she is in a PENAL colony, along with others who commit terrible crimes. Female inmates work a seventeen hour day, sleep four hours and are subject to physical and mental abuse. She received a “death threat” from the camp’s deputy head because she had the audacity to threaten a hunger strike.

“My life and health are in danger” wrote the 23 year old mother. Perhaps, Mr. Putin can explain why someone goes to a penal colony where they work a seventeen hour day for the crime of singing a song? I guess such sentences reveal that Russia is an exceptional nation.