Life In Putin Russia, Courts Decide Who Represents Whom?

In 2004, during a terrorist attack in Belsan, Russian authorities completely fouled up operations which resulted in the death of over 300 people, including 150 children. Family and friends have been attempting for years to get some accurate answers to the disorganization and incompetence of police and military units whose inept performance led to tragic deaths. The Voice of Belsan was formed and it has been critical of the Putin government’s performance. But, this is Putin, Russia. A court ordered the group to be disbanded because a former members, Marina Meilnikova, claimed to be its leader, not Ella Kerayeva.

Courts certainly have a place in assisting organizations to identify leadership, but this writer is confused. If the issue is leadership of the Voice of Belsan, why not simply insist on a new election and allow its members to clarify leadership? Perhaps, the issue has never been who is the leader, but, rather, how to stifle any organization which dares attack the purity and brilliance of the Putin government.