Life In Putin’s Russia–He’s The Boss Man!

President Putin created the political party named United Russia as a means of carrying out his plan to control Russia. But, suddenly a person has emerged to end this political party’s dominance of the nation. The renegade refused to join United Russia. The renegade said United Russia’s programs had nothing to do with the ideas of Vladmir Putin. The renegade denounced United Russia as a party of incompetents without any ideals or beliefs in Russia. The renegade is none other than the party’s founder, Vladmir Putin! The Russian president during the past month has been attacking just about every group and person in his nation who supports his control of the country. The end result is that Putin, like most would-be dictators, lacks any loyal friends. Those in government serve him, not out of belief, but out of fear. They fear he will turn on them as he has turned on just about any person who dares challenge his authority and his dominance of the nation.

The Russian people sought in Vladmir Putin a savior, one who could end the chaotic conditions which always are part of a new born democracy. They got security, but at what price for the Russian soul and their desire to witness the emergence of a new democratic society.