Life In Republican Land

The Republican Party increasingly reveals evidence that it has lost connection with the world of reality. Congressman Roger blasted officials working for the Transportation Department because they never informed Mr. Rogers of possible problems if  funds for the FAA were  cut. The entire nation knew there would be flight delays but Congressman Roger was  never individually informed about this reality. He is upset.

Congressman Duncan Hunter was holding a hearing to denounce Army plans when Army Secretary John McHugh and General Raymond Odierno became upset because they were not allowed to respond to the congressman’s question. McHugh asked: “May we respond, I think I heard a question? Well, I don’t think I want to respond if the gentleman’s going to leave? Would you please hear a brief response?

Hunter:  “If you don’t let me say anything we can’t  have a discussion.”

Odierno: “Well, you weren’t gonna let us say anything>”

Hunter: “Well, you’re right, but I have the prerogative when I’m sitting here.”

Odierno:  “Well, I have a  prerogative too and that’s to answer a question accurately.”

Hunter:  Happy Friday

Such is life in Republican Land.