Ah, if only the Tea Party ran America:

1. There would be an end to minimum wage laws. Take what the boss offers or find another job.

2. Eleven million illegal immigrants would be returned to Mexico. Exactly who would pick strawberries and other hard physical jobs is still to be determined.

3. No member of the Democratic Party would be allowed to teach our children and brain wash them with liberal ideas.

4. Michele Bachmann would be the Attorney General.

5. Home schooling replaces the shuttered public schools.

6. Muslims would be required to register each week with local police.

7. Train travel would end in order to end collectivism.

8. Each child at birth would receive a revolver in order to allow babies to protect themselves.

9. All restaurants and coffee shops would close in order to end collectivism.

10. Fox News would be the official voice of the US government.

11. Democratic members of Congress would be required to raise their right arm when ordered by the Speaker of the House.

12. A new national holiday would be SECESSION DAY.

13. All taxes would be cancelled for anyone earning over $1,000,000 a year in order to reward those who make money.

14. New laws allow cutting off arms of those who steal– unless steal on Wall Street.