Life In World Of Short Term Employment Contracts

The modern world has witnessed a remarkable shift in the manner in which people obtain jobs as employers increasingly shift from hiring individuals to permanent work and prefer the month or several months job offer. Fifty years ago, the vast majority of college professors either had a tenured position or were headed for one, but today, about half of those who teach college students work on a semester by semester position. It is now common for college professors to be working at two or three different institutions to make ends meet. The Toronto Star recently interviewed a host of individuals who work at jobs that hire them on a short term basis, usually without medical or other benefits. The modern world has now become a “you’re on your own” and make the best of it.

Dayo Kefentse has worked at CBC for nine years hoping desperately that this will be the year she finally gets a long term contract. But, why should business hire people for long term positions when it is economically beneficial to keep them on a temporary basis. A person who works on a yearly contract will not disrupt the workplace, he or she will do what management desires and there is not threat to the power of those who run the organization.

Welcome to the modern world with all of its uncertainties and its powerlessness for those who work in it. In the United States only 12% of workers have a union to protect their rights which ensures management is always in control.