Life Of Venezuela Mayor

There is away going on in eastern Europe as Vladimir Putin imposes his madness upon the people of Ukraine, but there is also a war going on closer to the United States of America. President Nicolas Maduro who won the office about a half percent point is battling the people of his own nation because they are exhausted by his incompetence and brutality. Maduro and his predecessor Hugo Chavez came to power citing real concerns about a society in which those with money dominated the government and impoverished the people. Now, under Maduro, the only thing different is that,no only the poor, but just about everyone is confronting poverty. Try finding a roll of toilet paper in Caracas, let alone chicken for the night. In response to this growing chaos, people are taking to the streets, banging on pots, setting up barricades and demanding action to establish an effective economy.

The government arrested the mayor of San Cristobal and charged Daniel Ceballos with “failure to meet the obligations under the law” as well as “supporting irrational violence.”

I wonder if we could use such a law in America. When it comes to supporting “irrational violence,” we Americans can match any mayor in Venezuela, care to challenge Ted Cruz or John Boehner on the issue of being “irrational??”