Life With Our Great Leader In North Korea

A crew from the BBC Newsnight was recently allowed to spend time in North Korea doing some filming. At least, they were told filming was allowed and practiced in the land no one knows, BBC had complete freedom to film any and all statutes of Great Leader, No. 1 and Great Leader, No. 2. They hopefully will soon be able to film Great Leader, No. 3 who hopes to secure that title when dad, Great Leader, No. 2 goes to a Heaven which only accepts Great Leaders. The BBC crew was whisked at top speed through the countryside in order to prevent any filming being made of happy and joyous North Koreans who seek approval of Great Leader, No. 2 by starving to death in a graceful manner. After all, one does not wish to impair the day of Great Leader, No. 2 by passing away without a smile and thanks for being allowed to die in the harmonious civilization of North Korea.

There, undoubtedly, are those in other societies who do not realize the generosity of Great Leader, No. 2 who spares his people the awesome task of dealing with eating by selecting items on their own, the same daily gruel is served to all in the fair land to the north. Great Leader, No. 2. also allows his people freedom to learn about other nations by seeing such insightful films as “The Sound of Music.” Heck, Great Leader, No. 2 even spares his people the awesome task of navigating the Internet by offering his own version of the Intranet which allows one and all to gather all the information they desire about model farms and happy people in the streets of towns.

I wonder if life will change when Great Leader, No. 3 takes over?