Life With President Karzai In Romper Room

Visualize the scene. Afghan President Karzai is in a room with General Petraeus and other Western officials are attempting to discuss security issues in his nation. They urge utilizing outside agencies to help provide security due to the lack of trained personnel in the Afghan armed forces. This comment is regarded by the president as an insult, after all, his armed forces have a fantastic record of dealing with the Taliban. All one has to do is ask ordinary Afghans if they feel secure knowing members of the Afghan army or police are in town for protection. Talk heats up. Karzai is frustrated and blurts out he has three enemies, the Taliban, the United States, and the international community. “If I had to choose sides today, I’d choose the Taliban” is the response of a man who allegedly leads his nation in a war against the Taliban. As one senior US official put it: “our relationship with him has become so tortured. We’ve gone from one crisis every three months to one crisis a month.”

Any decent human cares about the safety of Afghan people. They are trapped between the Taliban on one side and a corrupt, incompetent leader on the other side. The Western community is all they have and its patience is growing thinner. At some point, we will have to depart, sad as that may seem to Afghans then compelled to live under Taliban rule.