Life Without Fire Or Healthcare?

Anthropologists have studied hundreds of sites which contain evidence Neanderthals lived at them thousands of years ago. There is no archeological site which indicates that prior to 400,000 years ago humans were using fire for warmth or light or cooking. This news is welcomed by conservatives and Wall Street financiers who believe it supports their ideas about denying health care to all Americans. After all, if humans could survive in Europe for thousands of years without fire, why can’t Americans make it today without health care paid by those who have money? Apparently, before fire, the Neanderthals engaged daily in strenuous physical activity and ate plenty of protein. This suggests those on welfare or lacking health care should spend at least five hours a day in active physical work. In other words, there is now evidence Conservatives are right. Poor or middle class people do not need health care provided by the government. But, they do need to get off their asses and work and work and get tired and then go to sleep. Or, they can head to the nearest McDonald’s and consume Big Macs in order to get the protein they need.

The bottom line is that our ancestors never had health care provided by THE GOVERNMENT, and they lived! In fact, they didn’t even have fire, but those hardy folk did not complain, they just hopped around all day and burned up energy in order to keep warm. How about you lazy people who lack health care getting active and keep warm? It will be a lot cheaper than government handouts to the lazy!