Life Without Parole -For The Poor Only!

I am now pleased to report that the United States of America is Number One in the entire world when it comes to the issue of juveniles. We are the only nation which allows juveniles to be sentenced to life without parole for a crime they commit. Joseph Donovan, age 38 and Frederick Christian, 37, were teenagers when they got involved in a crime. Both were charged with crimes in which someone was murdered during a robbery and, although in neither of these cases did either one of these men actually commit the murder, they wound up with a life without parole conviction. The Massachusetts Supreme Court has now declared such sentences to be unconstitutional. Again, let me emphasize that neither one, as a teen ager actually committed the murder of another human although they were with the person who did the act. The man who did do the murder when Donovan was present received a lesser sentence than did he.

It is time to enter the world of modern thinking. A teenager is not a mature individual. Just check out your teen behavior. They do need punishment for engaging in murderous actions, but the purpose of prison should be to rehabilitate– IF POSSIBLE–those who acted in such a manner while still a teen.