Life Without Reason

We live in strange times.

1. Union members in Wisconsin are against the right of government workers to bargain as a union.

2. At a time of economic disaster, right wing pundits are mainly concerned as to how many calories are consumed by the First Lady at a meal.

3. In order to reduce the national debt we have to reduce taxes so the government receives less money.

4. Young people in the Middle East are standing tall for democracy while American young people are fiddling with their cell phones and Ipods.

5 . Michelle Obama worries about obesity at a time when most people worry about food on the table.

6. These days I sometimes wish for the good old days of the Depression, at least then we had a president who worried about jobs, not raising money for his re-election.

7. A ticket of Palin/Bachmann will increase migration to Canada by at least ten million.

8. There used to be a young black skinned guy who preached defending poor people and the middle class. Anyone know what happened to him?