Lift Ban On Alcohol In Combat Zones?

Senator Jim Webb of Virginia is unlike most members of Congress, at least in this era, because he actually served in combat rather than talk bravely about it as is so common among those who expound and boast on Fox News. Webb is currently overseeing a Senate panel that deals with personnel policies for members of the armed forces and he has become concerned about the rising rate of stress and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. A recent study by the Military Times revealed that many in combat zones were resorting to anti-depressants and other drugs in order to mentally survive. As Webb notes, “We do have a really stressed force.”

Among the alternatives that Webb is investigating is whether it is time to lift the ban on alcohol and allow moderate amounts to those who would seek pills in order to relax. Historically, members of the armed forces drank -and swore– and engaged in other activities that are currently unavailable in Muslim nations.

  • Bruce Alan

    “[O]ther drugs”, including stimulants like Dexedrine and Provigil but undoubtedly excluding the benzodiazapines like Valium that provide relief from tension.

    Are they even allowed to smoke?