Lift The Veil Or Else!

The government of Australia is concerned that some Muslim females wear a niqab which prevents others from seeing their faces. A new proposed law would make it a criminal offense if a Muslim female refused to lift the veil when requested by police. Current estimates are only about 2,000 Muslim women wear a veil in Australia. But, a few weeks ago some guy put on a veil, pretended to be a Muslim woman and robbed a store. There is no question, the nation of Australia is under attack from men posing as Muslim women and wearing veils. Who knows, maybe criminals will soon be wearing a burqa. According to the law, refusing to lift the veil can result in a fine of $6,000 and a year in jail. Of course, a few political leaders urged that provision be made for a dangerous felon wearing a veil to have access to a woman, but time is of the essence and if you allow one female driver who went five miles over the speed limit to have special privileges, what is to prevent murderers and rapists to demand the same extra time?

I wonder if we could get a law in Australia–or anywhere–which requires Hedge Fund types to lift the veil of secrecy on their manipulations or face jail time?