Lift The Veil Or We Lift Higher The Fine

It was Friday in the town of Novara and the woman and man left their home on the way to the local mosque. As they walked down the streets of the town a policeman suddenly halted the couple and told the woman she had to take off her veil because wearing it violated he law. Authorities said, “we just enforced a local law that stops people from covering their faces near sensitive places such as schools, hospitals or offices.” Her husband argued that while he respected Italian law it was against his religion for her to “be seen by other men.” For this heinous crime the woman will pay a fine of about $800.

I assume if Halloween is celebrated in Italy all kids wearing masks will be hauled down to the nearest jail, and fined for covering their faces. I assume if a motorcyclist comes roaring down the streets of Novara wearing a helmet, he will be halted and fined.

P.S. As a child I attended a local shul(synagogue) in which my mother and the other women sat behind a curtain while we males prayed.