Light Appears In Burma Tunnel

President Obama is in Australia and was asked about his views on what might be happening in Burma. According to the president, “after years of darkness we’ve seen flickers of progress these last few weeks” on the part of military leaders in that nation. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she would make the first trip to Burma in fifty years by an American Secretary of State in order to support democratic forces in that nation who seek to persuade President Thein  Sein to continue on the path of reconciliation.

Aung San Suu Kyi, the great fighter for freedom in Burma announced that her party, the National League For Democracy would re-enter the political arena because there is now evidence President Sein is prepared for an honest election. She has engaged in several talks with the new president and he turns out to be a “listener” who wants to bring about change.

This just in  from Mitt Romney:

“I want Americans to know that President Romney will change the failed Obama policy which for fifty years has cut off relations with Burma. If elected, I will go to Burma!”  And, ride an elephant.