Light Up In Amsterdam!

To live in the United States of America is to inhabit a land in which common sense has long since been replaced by misguided efforts to control social habits and thinking. Not since the debacle of Prohibition has the American nation been treated to constant failure to enforce laws. However, over in the Netherlands, tourists visiting the city of Amsterdam will now be able to light up and get a bit high at the local cannabis cafe of their choice.

The issue of allowing tourists to use cannabis has been argued for the past several years since some believe letting anyone get high will lead to –anyone getting high? Make use of drugs a crime and one has opened the pandora box of crime. The cry of drug lords simply means that drug lords will not be able to gain huge amounts of money. In Amsterdam, just relax, light up and go on a nice trip inside your mind that will not cost a penny. And, neither will drug lords get a penny!