Like Son, Like Dad?

Senator Jake Flake is a member of Congress and he is a devoted father as well as being a devoted Mormon. He has children and they have their own views about life. His son Tanner apparently has picked up along the road of life some rather interesting views about people of other faiths and other colored skin. Tanner enjoys sharing with the world his dislike of Jews and black Americans. In the modern world it is difficult having control over what one’s child shares on Twitter or Facebook. Tanner prefers referring to those he does not like as “fucking idiots” who should be beaten up.

Senator Flake is a flake when it comes to issues of social justice. No, he is not responsible for every comment made by his son. But, one must wonder how a child’s views are shaped when dad does not give a damn about poor people, when dad does not give a damn about those lacking  health care. Blame Muslims and blame Hispanics and one might inadvertently be shaping the views of one’s children.