Limbaugh Says Republicans Are Socialists!

Rush Limbaugh the mouth that spews bullshit is upset at fellow Republicans who have emerged as secret Socialists seeking to reduce our fair capitalist nation into a slum of poverty. Rick Perry attacked Mitt Romney, darling of Wall Street, for heading a takeover company that purchased companies, fired people, and walked away with millions. Rick put it this way, “the idea that you come in and destroy people’s lives, the idea that you come in just to make a quick profit, tears these employees apart.” In his view, this is “vulture capitalism.”

Imagine blaming Wall Street for any problem when true conservatives know all problems were begun by Democrats or made worse by them. Rush tore into Rick for using the “language of leftists. This is the way Fidel Castro thinks.” Then again, Castro created poverty, Wall Street under Republicans created poverty, maybe we finally understand that poverty is created by leftists and some disguise themselves as lovers of capitalism.