Limbaugh Wrong–Obama Is NOT Another Hitler!

Right wing newscasts continue spouting claims that President Barack Obama is another Hitler who seeks to bring Nazism to this country. We offer evidence to refute this theory.

Hitler was short– Obama is tall.

Hitler had a mistress — Obama has a wife (at least as far as we know)

Hitler had a moustache — Obama is clean shaven

Hitler hated black people — Obama is black

Hitler hated Jews — Some of Obama’s best friends are Jews

Hitler had no children — Obama has two

Hitler hated the mentally retarded — Obama puts them in his Cabinet

Hitler hated immigrants — Obama is the child of an immigrant

Hitler hated communists — Obama is a commie

Hitler never wore jeans — Obama wears them

Hitler’s mistress was short — Obama’s wife is tall

Obama did not like basketball — Obama plays it every week

Hitler loved war — Obama is a reluctant warrior

Hitler was a soldier — Obama never served in any armed force

Hitler drove Jews out of Germany — Obama has a Hannukah part for them

We trust this list proves once and for all that Barack Obama is not a Nazi or lover of Adolf Hitler

Confession– there is some evidence which does not fit on this list. Hitler bowed to Kings, Obama bows to Emperors.