Limit Guns, Limit Deaths

Unfortunately for gun advocates the decision by the Australian government in 1996 to purchase guns back from Australians and enforce tight gun controls led to a dramatic decline in gun deaths. The evidence is overwhelming that taking guns out of public use resulted in fewer gun deaths.Australia had a gun massacre which led, unlike in America, to bipartisan cooperation to reduce the presence of guns in society. Since the 1996 decision there has not been a mass shooting in Austraia and rates of murder or suicide have dropped.

Naturally, the NRA refuses to accept the facts and argues that crime has risen under the theory that if one “takes guns away from the innocent, then only criminals will have guns.” NRA supporters isist America is an “exceptional nation” and we need firearms because we live in a different society.

Perhaps, Fox News needs a new Reality Show. Shoot Outs at the Not OK Corral. Draw your gun, the one standing alive gets his own 30 minute slot on Fox News together with a pert cute blond defender of purity and God.