Limits On Immigrants In Schools?

The Minister of Education in Finland has called for establishing quotas on the number of immigrant pupils who can be found in a single school. He argues for a 20% limit on immigrants in one school. Currently, about 15 % of students in Helsinki schools have children with immigrant backgrounds. Rauno Jarnila, who is head of the Education Department of the city of Helsinki, laughs at the proposal and believes it ignores reality of how immigrants interact with schools and society. About 20 of the 108 Finnish language comprehensive schools in Helsinki have about 25% of their student body who are of immigrant origin. Jarnila agrees it would be wonderful if immigrants were evenly distributed across the school population, but that stance flies in the face of how immigrants congregate.

It is normal for immigrants to seek housing in areas where there are people of their own background or schools which have reputations of being concerned to provide excellent education for immigrant children. This process is well known in any society which has traditionally had ongoing arrival of immigrants. It is difficult for immigrants to live in areas where there are few people of their own background. Reality is there will be an imbalance. The issue is not the number but the quality of education provided.