Limits To Soda Slurps

Mayor Bloomberg of New York City is on a crusade to end obesity in his fair city. The mayor is proposing new legislation which makes illegal selling a soft drink whose container exceeds 16 ounces in size. He believes the emergence of super-sized drinks is a contributing cause of growing obesity. New York already bans soda being sold in schools unless they are diet ones. Bloomie is definitely a man who seeks to achieve something that others desperately seek to attain– reducing weight of a growing obese nation.

Let me get this straight:

1. I can purchase french fries-super size.

2. I can purchase a giant Big Mac.

3. I can purchase a pizza with as many toppings as can be put on it.

4. I can get Kentucky Fried chicken.

5. I can purchase a giant steak.

But, I can not purchase a giant drink. I guess this makes sense. But,it has nothing much to do with obesity. How about requiring all in New York City to walk one mile a day?