Lincoln Revealed To Be Secularist!

Republicans already denounce the ideas of their great Theodore Roosevelt who stood up to big business, wanted government regulation of corporations and supported the right of unions. A letter written by William Herdon, his close associate in law and a man who knew Lincoln as few did. In a letter written in 1866, Herndon writes: “Mr. Lincoln’s religion is too well known to me to allow even a shadow of a doubt: he is, or was, a Theist and a Rationist, denying all extraordinary, supernatural inspiration or revelation.” Herndon goes on to state: “at one time in his life, to say the least, he was an elevated Pantheist, doubting the immortality of the soul as the Christian world understands the term.” Honest Abe was always honest about his views on God and life.

There is no doubt, members of the Tea Party, Sarah Palin and little idiot sister Michele Bachmann, will now attempt to prove that Abraham Lincoln was really a Muslim who disguised himself by making sounds as though he was a Christian. Could anyone in 2011 imagine this Republican Party would nominate Pantheist Abe Lincoln as their candidate for president?

Oh, and it was Abraham Lincoln who pushed through the first income tax law in American history!! The plot thickens, so it was Abe who set America upon the road to socialism!