Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, And FDR On Today

I thought it might be interesting to have former American presidents comment on life today.

Abraham Lincoln

I am pleased this nation has moved forward and elected an African American as its president. Frankly, I never thought it would happen for hundreds of years. The death of a single human diminishes the human race, but in the Civil War I had to confront the issue that 400,000 brave young men died, not 3,000. When the winds of hatred sweep through a nation, it is necessary for the president and Congress to unite and focus the country on the task at hand rather than the task of how to secure more votes. This nation is experiencing pain which requires a sense of unity in order for all sections of the population to unite and sacrifice, whether it be monetary in nature, or political in need. There is no excuse for using a crisis in order to further political ends, that is not the role of any political leader in a democracy.”

Theodore Roosevelt

I simply can not believe that America a hundred years after my death has entrusted its future to these intellectual pigmies whose eight guinea-pig-power brains are more suited to running a saloon rather than a nation. And, to actually believe anyone would pay the slightest attention to this creature known as Sarah Palin is an insult to those who fought to create a great nation. This creature is vivid proof that Darwin was wrong about evolution of the human species! And, what has happened to our efforts to preserve the natural beauty of this country! As for the men of business who are so loved by my Republican party, it is apparent we Progressives gave birth to political leaders whose only goal in life is to make money, not serve the nation. Imagine creating a deadlock in Congress in order to make the president appear incompetent!
I am shocked at these sanctimonious hypocrites who through the Lord’s name around in order to get votes! Are these men, Christians? God is not interested in winning elections, he wants each person to strive to make this a great nation.
As for your president, he displays the backbone of a chocolate eclair by allowing opponents to make outrageous attacks on him and instead of going to the American people, he hides in the White House!! A president must fight, yes fight, not be silent.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

I said from day one of my administration the tasks before the nation was restoring our banking system and creating jobs. Jobs, jobs, jobs, were necessary last year, not a divisive struggle over health care. How can people pay for health care if they are unemployed! This nation requires massive expenditures in its infrastructure and I am shocked at failure on the part of President Obama from day one of his administration to focus on job creation. I simply can not believe this Obama has allowed the Republican party to come across as the defender of the average American while Democrats are viewed as friendly to Big Business!!