Lindsay Graham: End Obamacare

Senator Lindsay Graham regards himself as an intelligent man, a person who only does what is best for America, and certainly a man who   wants a balanced budget. He urged the president to abandon ObamaCare in order to save money. Graham argues that many businessmen can not afford health care costs and he believes the new health program is the cause of deficits. Lindsay does have a point, but not the point he is making. Recent figures indicate health care costs are  going down, not up. I hate to inform the US Senator but if we abandon the new health plan, we abandon FORTY MILLION PEOPLE WHO LACK HEALTH CARE! If those people lack health care then those who do will pay the costs. Health care  costs will rise, not fall.

I do not recall Senator Graham making a single comment when our national debt DOUBLED under President Bush. I wonder why?

Oh, Lindsay, the Obama plan is like the one proposed by Governor Romney, the man you supported for president!