Lines In Sand

Two years after the onset of a civil war in Syria, the government of the United States of America has decided to do something. Actually, it is not clear what the US will do other than draw a line in the sands of Syria–I assume there is sand in Syria. President Barack Obama got together with his friends in the Republican party and they decided it was time to do a bit of partying. Congress will authorize doing a bit of bombing, but Congressmen are quite clear they do not anyone to be hurt. Of course, they mean no American soldiers to be hurt. OK, so a few Syrians will die, but they are the bad Syrians so it is OK. President Obama wants the world to know that he has nothing to do with this bombing, it is all the fault of this guy named Bashar al-Assad.

Congress will authorize bombing of Syria for about sixty days, and if the president wants to continue he must check with Congress. The last time an American Congress actually declared war was on December 8, 1941. Korea, Vietnam, Gulf war, Afghanistan, Iraq and the famous war against Grenada were all declared by an American president.OK, so I forgot Panama and Bosnia and wherever.

Go for it. Blast away. And, President Obama will remain in the White House with his sand box.