List Of Death

In modern America there are lists which  contain names of those who will one day while driving their car be blown to kingdom come by a missile fired by a drone. The question these days is who makes the list of those to be assassinated and the question is who decides when to send in a missile. White House counter terror chief, John Brennan, has now assumed the role of making final decisions as to when the boom is lowered on a  bad guy.

Under the new process, the military consults with Brennan, and one assumes they consult with various other members of anti-terror groups before deciding on when to oil. I guess one can argue this is more democratic since various constituencies are involved in the death process. Of course,  in the old days, the Joint Chiefs of Staff made such decisions, but we now inhabit the world of technology.

I await the time when ultimate life and death decisions will be left to some piece of technology. After all,  get the human factor out of deciding who lives or dies and let a robot decide. Perhaps, this can establish a precedent. One day  a computer can decide who receives health care. Just make certain not to anger  the computer!