Local UK Council Acts To Thwart Terrorism!

We offer a document that was uncovered by the investigative arm of this blog. It was taken from the Poole Council agent who was sent to keep tabs on two suspected agents of terrorism in their area.

April 1, 2010
From: Agent X
To: Poole Council


I keep tabs on the actions of the suspected terrorists, Jeny Paton and Tim Joyce during the past week. I observed the suspects enter a local supermarket, carefully examine fruits in a rather suspicious manner, and then purchase a pound of hamburger meat. Their three alleged children accompanied the suspects during their examination of a local pharmacy. I was unable to ascertain the ingredients purchased in the store, but suspect they could be used to sedate a member of the Council. I followed the targeted vehicle for twenty minutes and uncovered evidence Mr. Joyce does not work within the boundary limits of the Council area, but has a position in a large firm in London. The firm conducts “business” with a number of foreign lands, but for what purposes, I am unable to ascertain.

The three suspect girls arrived at the primary school this morning after being dropped off by the targeted vehicle. The children had lunch boxes. I strongly recommend that teachers inspect these lunch boxes prior to allowing the suspect children to enter. Each of the lunch boxes could contain an explosive device.

As a result of my investigation I was unable to secure definite proof the suspects are not agents of an international terrorist organization.

Comment. Someone made an anonymous phone call to the Poole Council claiming the children of Jenny Paton and Tim Joyce were not living in a home within the confines of the local authority and thus ineligible to attend the local primary school. The Poole Council, drew upon powers allegedly possessed due to provisions of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act which deals with criminals and terrorist groups in order to implement a secret surveillance program of the two “suspects.” A court had ruled such surveillance is illegal. It is one thing to focus on terrorism, it is another to go berserk over three children in a school.

P.S. The parents are legal members of the local authority.