Lock Em Up Says China!

Chinese Communist leaders welcome the economic benefits of capitalism, but have scant interest in ideas such as democracy or  free speech which are present in many–not all– capitalist nations. Under new regulations it is now clear how and  why dissidents will be arrested and thrown in jail. A dissident and his family must be notified when they are involved in crime concerning state security or terrorism or engaging in acts which obstruct investigations. I assume this means if a dissident is being investigated then any action on his/her part to “obstruct” the investigation is grounds for locking them up.

Sounds reasonable. Why should the government of China  go around            locking up dissidents if they didn’t know they were dissidents? Of course, for years dissidents have been arrested, but the new law now makes legal arresting people who don’t agree with the government.

I guess next on the order is to legalise torture. Then again, we have legalised torture  in the USA.