Lock Hands Together

During his five years in office, Barack Obama has deported more people from Mexico than during the administrations of Ronald Reagan, George Bush and George Bush. For some strange reasons while millions were entering the United States of America without valid passports, the Republican party made NO effort to confront this issue. There were no demands for tripling the size of the Border Patrol, no demands linking legislation to a  “secure border.” Ah, but once a Democrat becomes president, then it is HIS fault for illegal immigrants. The Republican party is insisting on doubling border guards to 40,000 which would provide enough field agents to lock hands and create a human wall against illegal immigrants.

Actually, the number of illegal immigrants returning to Mexico now equals the number who seek to enter. But, Republicans want a “secure border.” Actually, if each illegal immigrant family today purchased a carton of milk, millions would be sold and thousands of jobs created for those delivering milk. But,Republicans who NEVER demanded a “secure border” now insist it must be 90% secure!