Lock Them Up Early In Bahrain!

Bahrain is a tiny country in the Middle East although it has big amounts of oil and good stuff like that. Bahrain is part of the coalition of good guys who oppose the bad guys like al-Qaeda. Oh, so most people in Bahrain are not of the same religion as the rulers of their nation, oh, so there is no democracy in the country of Bahrain, but their leaders oppose al-Qaeda. Modern American policy supports nations on the basis of whether they are good guys against the bad guys.

Eleven year old Ali Hasan Alqudishi is a bad little boy living in a good living Bahrain. He decided to participate in demonstrations  against the good guys who run the government of Bahrain. Ali was arrested, beaten, and held in jail for over a month–along with other children. Finally, a judge freed him, but there is a chance he might return to jail.

I assume at the age of 11 in most CIVILIZED nations of the world children are allowed to be children. That means they do dumb things–as well as smart things– and any punishment is left to dad and mom. There is no evidence Ali physically hurt anyone although he may have hurt the feelings of those good guys who run Bahrain–their way or no way!