Lock Them Up In Egypt

There was a moment during the Arab Spring, just a fleeting moment when the concept of democracy was being practiced in nations long accustomed to rule by this or that petty dictator. Ordinarily, the dictator formerly wore a uniform in an army that never actually fought anyone unless they were their own people. Al-Jazeera is a competent and professional organization which approaches news in the Middle East with seriousness and a sense of professional conduct. It is rare among Middle Eastern news media since it regards its duty to report various viewpoints pertaining to an event rather than simply following the government party line. This attitude is not that which is desired by the Egyptian government, which, in reality, is simply an arm of the Egyptian military. Twenty correspondents who work for al-JaZeera in Egypt have been arrested and charged with crimes against the state.

The group was charged with disseminating stories that were examples of “fabricating news that tarnished the reputation of Egypt.” They were accused of being “biased.” Huh! Egypt currently is a nation in search of its soul and that includes its desire for democracy.